About Us

The Galaxy Bookshop is a proudly independent bookstore, owned by Andrea Jones and Sandy Scott. The two women purchased the store in May of 2014 with a commitment to keeping a vibrant independent bookstore in downtown Hardwick.  Founded in 1988 by Linda Ramsdell, The Galaxy has received incredible support from the greater Hardwick community (including many surrounding towns) over its 26 years.

In May of 2014, long-time staff member Sandy Scott and long-time customer Andrea Jones purchased The Galaxy Bookshop. Their vision for the store is to foster a focus on customer service, a carefully curated selection featuring books of local interest and by local authors, and an atmosphere that welcomes and supports all reading tastes and all readers.

In additon to wonderful books, The Galaxy Bookshop has also expanded a bit to sell high-quality children’s toys, beautiful cards and stationery, as well as gifts for readers. For travelers, book addicts, special occasion shoppers and casual passers-by, The Galaxy Bookshop has something to offer for everyone.

Our Staff

Over the years, The Galaxy has collected a roster of fantastic booksellers. In fact, one of the most important factors in the success of the bookstore is the dynamic and diverse roster of booksellers who all contribute to what’s on the shleves here.

We currently have a staff of five, plus a few “on-call” booksellers who pop in from time to time. No matter who is at the helm when you come in for a visit, you will always find a friendly bookseller, ready to help you find a good book or to let you browse the shelves comfortably for as long as you’d like. See our Staff Picks Page to learn more about our booksellers and their favorite books.