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We lost two wonderful poets last year, but each left behind a last gift to their readers.

tumbling9780998260495Leland Kinsey, a Vermont native who grew up on land that his Scottish ancestors settled over 200 years ago, has been called the “unofficial poet laureate of the Northeast Kingdom.” In addition to being a poet, he was a teacher, farmer, fisherman, and naturalist. Leland’s writing spoke of hard work, of family, of the seasons and geography of this rural and often hardscrabble corner of Vermont.

David Budbill was the son of a streetcar driver and a minister’s daughter, born in Cleavland, Ohio. With his wife, artist Lois Eby, he made a home in the hills of northeastern Vermont where they lived together for over 40 years. Through his poems, plays, novels, and music, David explored themes of loneliness, ambition, race and class, Zen philosophy, jazz, and nature, always with feet firmly planted in the earth and run through with a sly sense of humor.

Leland and David will be missed but their words will live on, bringing friends and readers a measure of comfort and a sense of gratitude for these two men’s lives and the indelible marks they left behind.

To pre-order Leland Kinsey’s forthcoming poetry collection, The Last Correspondence (Green Writers Press, April 7, 2017), and/or David Budbill’s Tumbling Toward the End (Copper Canyon Press, April 25, 2017), fill out the form below or call us at 802-472-5533.