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The Singing Bowl (Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry)

The Singing Bowl (Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry)

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Publication Date: April 15th, 2011
University of New Mexico Press
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This poetry collection showcases all the features of Joan Logghe's work that have attracted so many readers: her attention to detail, her warmth, humor, and passionate and inclusive social conscience. At once postmodern and deeply rooted in her adopted northern New Mexico home, Logghe's work connects disparate events and objects.

"I named my last child Hope. I never had a last child," she writes in the poem "True or False."
Television Is the Golden Calf I read about
In Sabbath School. My teacher lied.
We live on the northern edge of the Sonorous desert.
Armageddon is a small lizard that reconstitutes at first rain.
Turtles have an aversion to helium because they are heavyhearted.

"Joan Logghe is one of the most exciting poets in America today. Her words sing, slide, slip, & jive. I love everything by Joan."--Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones