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Beatrix Rose: Vigilante (Graphic Novel)

Beatrix Rose: Vigilante (Graphic Novel)

Current price: $22.99
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Dark Horse Books
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Featuring characters from the million copy-selling novels of USA Today bestselling author Mark Dawson and written by Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips!

Beatrix Rose–an assassin ripped from her old life, trapped working for the Triads in Hong Kong, and forced to protect them when a killer starts to target her bosses. 

They call this killer a Demon, unable to be stopped, striking at will. Beatrix has no choice but to find this Demon, to take them out, or die trying. 

Collects issues 1–5 of Mark Dawson’s Beatrix Rose: Vigilante.

About the Author

Stephanie Phillips is a writer living in Buffalo, NY with her two cats and many guitars. Stephanie is currently working with Top Cow/Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, AfterShock Comics, Black Mask Studios, Ominous Press, and more. In 2018, Stephanie was selected as the Top Cow Talent Hunt winner.

Apart from comics, Stephanie is a professor of technical writing at the University at Buffalo and completing a PhD in rhetoric and writing.