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Rick and Morty: Corporate Assets

Rick and Morty: Corporate Assets

Current price: $19.99
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Oni Press
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When Morty stupidly agrees to all the legal terms of a new app and legally signs his life away to a faceless and unheard-of company, they immediately seize control of him and his life for their own purposes.

Then, when Morty screws up Rick’s rescue effort, the company steals Rick’s portal gun and strands our heroes in an unexplored dimension--leaving them free to strip-mine every aspect of Rick’s inventions and the Smith family's lives for evil, capitalist purposes! 

About the Author

James Asmus is a writer for comics, comedy, games and other stuff for Marvel, DC, Disney+, History Channel and more. Rick and Morty™ fans might particularly dig his work on Quantum & Woody or The Delinquents (Valiant), The End Times of Bram & Ben (Image), Field Tripping (comiXology Originals) or his upcoming Rick and Morty: the Official Cook Book (Insight Editions). (For real).