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Rick and Morty Vol. 1: The Space Shake Saga Part One

Rick and Morty Vol. 1: The Space Shake Saga Part One

Current price: $21.99
Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Oni Press
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Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub! The madcap world of Rick and Morty™ relaunches with a brand-new volume perfect for new and old fans alike. 

What if Goldenfold, not Rick Sanchez, were the supreme intelligence in the universe? Rick, Morty, and all realities face the oppressive power of mathematics, and Rick may never get that perfect milkshake.

In pursuit of mathematical perfection, in which endless adventures are possible, the Goldenfolds—and reluctant niece, Noelle—seek domination across the multiverse. Can love withstand family obligation, and who is that bumbling high school science teacher? What's his deal?

About the Author

Alex Firer is an LA–based, Soviet–born writer whose credits include The Onion News Network, The Official Handbook of the Bowieverse, and a bunch of Rick and Morty comics: Birdperson, Nimbus, Rick's New Hat, you know, all those. Buy them if you want. Are all these bios just resumes? He used to work at an opera house in Boston if that helps. Yup. Salary: $1,000,000.

Andrew Dalhouse is a comic book color artist with more than 17 years of industry experience. Andrew’s love of coloring comics started at a young age and 30 years later he’s still love. Andrew has worked on titles such as Teen Titans, Flash, Titans, Justice League, Bloodshot, Ninjak, Aggretsuko, and now Rick and Morty.

Christopher Crank (crank!) has lettered a bunch of books put out by Image, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Dynamite, and elsewhere. He also has a podcast with comic artist Mike Norton and members of Four Star Studios in Chicago (, and makes music ( Catch him on Twitter: @ccrank and Instagram: ccrank