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Rick and Morty Presents Vol. 5

Rick and Morty Presents Vol. 5

Current price: $24.99
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Oni Press
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Featuring the galaxy-traversing standalone adventures of Rick and Morty Presents: Morty's Run; Big, Dumb Summer Vacation; Time Zoo; and Maximum Overture.

Morty is dropped on a planet ruled by thirteen-year-olds. The Smith family fights off the ultimate sunburn on their beach vacation. Rick is on the quest into the mind of a deranged Morty, seeking a fabled comic book that can unlock his future. Summer has to save the day when the family realizes why they've been stuck in a routine for suspiciously long.

About the Author

Puste, aka David Antón Gomis, is a comic book artist, inker, colorist, letter, cover artist . . . and everything related to the world of comics. A lover of Asian cinema and the world of animation, he has been lucky enough to work with WWE, Voltron, and to draw one of his favorite series, Rick and Morty. He is working on the Nanits Chronicles - Underground Series. When he is not chained to the table drawing comics, he makes short films with the production company Zertin.