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Landmark Memories: A Vermont Village 1930s-1950s

Landmark Memories: A Vermont Village 1930s-1950s

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Publication Date: December 14th, 2021


More than “the good old days,” destined only for the memoir and history-buff markets;  more than the “community-building” market to describe America’s fall from working and playing together books, Landmark Memories tells stories, vignettes, really, of a Vermont village. Describing the school, the library, Main Street, and more with an array of people from the town’s iceman, teacher, neighbor, village worker, and kids living and playing together, focused on the 1930s and 1940s. The time when Americans naturally lived and cared together in village life. These are the togetherness stories that people around the globe are now dreaming about from their isolation in our pandemic times. Stories about family, friends, and community, as they search for wholeness as never before, dreaming of America’s best democracy.

About the Author

Joyce Slayton Mitchell's focused career was built on more than 35 years as Director of College Advising in America's public and independent schools of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City.  Expert in U.S. college admissions, writer, lecturer, and consultant to schools and education systems, Mitchell left the Nightingale-Bamford School in NYC for more adventure in China.  She worked in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai bringing AP curriculum into the public schools until 2015.  She then consulted with Chinese college admissions entrepreneurs until 2020 when she left China at the beginning of the pandemic.  She currently works remotely with U.S. and Chinese students applying to American colleges.

Praise for Landmark Memories: A Vermont Village 1930s-1950s

"With visions of new found money dancing in her mind, a parched throat generated by lawn mowing on a hot day at her down-the-street library quickly opened Joyce Slayton Mitchell’s 9-year-old eyes to the difficulty but importance of hard work. Mitchell tells this delightful tale, and many more, in her more-than-a-memoir Landmark Memories A Vermont Village 1930s-1950s. The book brings people to life, people she lived among as a young child and as a young adult. They and the stories they generated are the focus as much as how they shaped her. Mitchell tells many delightful tales in her more-than-a-memoir Landmark Memories A Vermont Village 1930s-1950s. The book brings people to life, people she lived among as a child and young adult.” —Ross Connelly, co-publisher and editor of The Hardwick Gazette, 1986 - 2017

"Landmark Memories brought back memories of my youth as a Hardwick native and a longtime friend of Joyce Slayton Mitchell. I can attest to her colorful images of Hardwick's special people. I highly recommend her tales of our lives in our rural town of Hardwick, Vermont." —John E. M. Robb, Superintendent of Schools for 17 years, retired Vermont State Legislator, House of Representatives


"Joyce Slayton Mitchell’s memories of her girlhood in Hardwick, Vermont, will resonate with anyone who has spent time in a small town. Though unique to Mitchell and her experience, they have a universal quality that makes them relevant, humorous, and touching, even today. She presents us with a kinder world, a world we all need more of." —Tom Slayton, Editor emeritus Vermont Life magazine