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When Being a Nurse Was Fun: Tales From My Life as a Nurse

When Being a Nurse Was Fun: Tales From My Life as a Nurse

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Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Stillwater River Publications
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Did you ever wonder what happens in an ICU at night?

Is being a nurse in a hospital like what you see on TV or the internet?

Besides taking excellent care of their patients, nurses enjoyed humor at work before the Covid pandemic. Playing jokes on each other or finding hilarity in absurd situations, we devised ways to amuse ourselves while performing our duties.

Glimpse into the medical career of someone who dares to say life as a nurse used to be fun. Follow my journey from being a student nurse to a critical care RN with 30 years of experience. Relive with me both the frustrations and camaraderie that I encountered as an RN. Filled with true tales from my life both in and out of the hospital, "When Being a Nurse Was Fun" will cause you to laugh, and may also make you cry.