Reserve Your Signed Copy of World Class

Peggy Shinn, author of World Class: The Making of the U.S. Women’s Cross-Country Ski Team will sign copies of her book and answer questions at a special signing event at The Craftsbury Outdoor Center on Saturday, March 24th, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

At this event, there will be a limited number of books that will also include signatures of many of the featured Olympic skiers!

Reserve your author & skier signed copy by filling out the form below.
Reserved books will be available to purchase either at the book signing on March 24th or, beginning March 25th, at The Galaxy Bookshop.
If you would like your books mailed to you, please call The Galaxy Bookshop at 802-472-5533 to make arrangements.



What makes a great team?
Sports journalist Peggy Shinn answers this question in her enthralling account of the dramatic rise of the U.S. women’s cross-country ski team, winners of eight medals at three world championships over the past five years. Shinn’s story–based on dozens of interviews with athletes, coaches, parents, spouses, and friends–paints a vivid picture of the obstacles that America’s female athletes must overcome not just to ski with the world’s best, but to beat them. In a sport where U.S. women have toiled for decades, mostly in the middle or the back of the pack, the development of a world-class team attests to the heady combination of a transformational leader, a coach who connects with his athletes, the super-fast individual skiers who are also conscientious teammates–and a bit of good luck. This is the story of Kikkan Randall, Liz Stephen, Holly Brooks, Jessie Diggins, Ida Sargent, Sadie Bjornsen, Sophie Caldwell, Rosie Brennan, and coach Matt Whitcomb–and how they created the perfect team.