Ivy is our youngest bookseller, and only able to work when her busy school schedule allows. She is a voracious and omnivorous reader. Currently, graphic novels feature heavily among her favorite books.


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Old Favorites:

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, by Judi Barrett, Illustrated by Ron Barrett. Ivy says, “I like it because it’s funny, they do great funny drawings, and there’s all these funny things that children will notice in the pictures. ”




Fancy Nancy, by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser. Ivy says, “I like this book because it’s fancy. And I like it also because I am fancy. Fancy Nancy uses very fancy words, like gallery. I like every bit of it.”




Pink Cupcake Magic, by Katherine Tegen, illustrated by Kristin Varner. Ivy says, “I like Pink Cupcake Magic, and it’s kind of funny, because she has a bit of the cupcake and she turns into a princess. What I think the boys in the story shouldn’t do is they shouldn’t steal the cupcakes that she made. I really love the drawings.”




Tatterhood and Other Tales, edited by Ethel Johnston Phelps, illustrated by Pamela Baldwin Ford. Ivy says, “I really like Tatterhood because I really like the stories. Some of my favorites are ‘Kamala and the Seven Thieves’ and ‘The Prince and the Three Fates’ and ‘Three Strong Women.'” (Mom says, “Wonderful stories full of humor, adventure, and strong, clever, brave heroines.”)