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Consignment Policy

Thank you for considering our bookstore for placement of your book. Because we are approached many times throughout the year by authors hoping we will sell their books, it has become necessary to develop a written policy so that all expectations are clear.

  • Due to the economics of carrying and selling books by independent authors, it is our policy to take such books on consignment.
  • There will be a $20 stocking fee charged for each unique title (not each book) left on consignment.
  • For consignment purposes, we will stock only books by authors from or books relevant to our region.

The placement and display of your book inside the store is at our discretion. We have created a "Local & Self-Published" section in order to direct customers to books of local interest.

We will not accept unsolicited books sent by mail. Unsolicited books will not be returned unless the author provides us with payment for return shipping.


Guidelines for meeting with the buyers:

  • Please call or email ahead and ask to schedule a time to come in with your book. Please specify whether your book is for children or adults, as that will determine which buyer you need to speak with.
  • Please download and read our consignment agreement ahead of time and make sure it will work for you before you schedule a meeting. (Note: having a meeting with a buyer does not guarantee that your book will be accepted for stock).

Meetings are held on Thursdays between 10:00 and 2:00. These can be over the phone or in person. If over the phone, please send a digital copy of your book in advance so that the buyer can see text and artwork (if applicable) prior to your appointment.


All books considered must meet the following requirements:

  • Be the type of book we would normally stock for our customers at the Galaxy
  • Have an ISBN and bar code printed on the book.
  • Title and author printed on the spine
  • No spiral bindings
  • No advertising on the book that references other sellers (ex. Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.)
  • Must be for sale at the same price at all outlets. (ex. Cannot be $15 here but available online for $11)

We ask that you respect our time and our decisions. We will extend the same respect to you.

If you are interested in placing your books at The Galaxy Bookshop on a consignment basis, please download the Consignment Packet below for further details.